# Our Story.
Our Story

Solve The Network was founded in 2015 by Akar Periwal, an experienced IT and network engineering professional.

Akar spent over 12 years working for technology companies that served clients across healthcare, finance, retail, and other industries. In this role, he worked closely with businesses to design, implement, and support their network infrastructure.
During this time, Akar saw that many organizations faced a multitude of network challenges:

  • Frequent outages and performance issues hampering operations and productivity.
  • Security vulnerabilities and gaps putting data and assets at risk.
  • Difficulty scaling infrastructure to support growth and new initiatives.
  • Unoptimized networks driving up operational costs

He discovered that most network solution providers took a one-size-fits-all approach that failed to address each client's specific use cases and objectives. Akar envisioned a better approach—an affordable, customized networking solution able to solve these pain points. With this goal in mind, Akar brought together a talented team of network engineers, administrators, and customer support professionals to launch Solve The Network.

Our Networking Solutions
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • It Consultancy
  • Product Engineering
  • Business Security
  • Managed IT Services

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# Our Network Engineers & IT Specialists
Our Network Engineers & IT Specialists

The Solve The Network team comprises certified network engineers, administrators, technical support reps, and customer success managers.

We continually invest in additional technical training and certifications to stay updated on the newest network technologies and best practices.

Our team brings an average of 8-12 years of professional IT and networking experience across various industries. We leverage our expertise to quickly understand client environments and requirements before architecting optimized solutions.

Beyond technical skills, our staff delivers amazing customer service. We believe that understanding and fulfilling your exact needs is critical, and we won't stop until you're fully satisfied.

# About Solve the Network
Meet the Brain Behind the Solutions

At Solve The Network, we don't just configure routers and switches. We understand that your network is the backbone enabling your business today and fueling your growth for tomorrow.

That's why since 2015, we've been providing completely customized network solutions designed specifically for each client's unique needs. How do we do it? By learning your exact pain points and objectives. Then our experts architect a robust, secure, and scalable network that becomes the sturdy foundation on which your company thrives.

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# Our Networking Solutions
We Deal With Aspects Professional IT Services


Network Design & Impl.

  • SD-WAN Design & Deployment.
  • LAN/WAN Design.
  • Multi-Cloud Network Integration.
  • Network Function Virtualization


Management & Monitoring

  • 24/7 Performance Monitoring.
  • Capacity Planning & Traffic Engineering.
  • Capacity Planning & Traffic Engineering
  • ITIL-Based Support Services


Optimization & Automation

  • SD-WAN for Branch Optimization.
  • Application-Aware QoS Routing
  • Load Balancing & Failover.
  • Automated Reporting & Alerting.
# about us
Your Network, Our Expertise

With Solve The Network as your partner, you can finally get relief from network headaches.

Network Design & Implementation 82%
Network Management & Monitoring 92%
Network Optimization & Automation 80%
Cloud Networking 99%
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Provide Exclusive Services

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