What is Network Penetration testing

Many businesses have already run a vulnerability assessment, so they may ask why they need to take the extra step of running Pen Tests. Penetration testing usually occurs after performing a vulnerability assessment. A vulnerability assessment has the same goals as a Pen Test, but generally, a vulnerability assessment only employs automated vulnerability scanners to spot common issues.

It’s true that vulnerability scanning can help by pinpointing security vulnerabilities. Good scans even categorize security risks, assign risk levels, and offer remediation suggestions. While it’s not the same thing as a penetration test, this kind of assessment may be used to help gather the information that will help plan the test.

In contrast, a Network Pen Tester will engage in what’s called ethical hacking. These security professionals will set up tests that behave as if they came from a real digital criminal. By simulating actual attacks, computer, internet, and Network Penetration Testing will uncover exactly how systems respond to an actual cybersecurity threat. The security professionals will also provide clear remediation advice that may apply to software, hardware, or even the human side of managing complex digital systems.

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Our team holds internationally recognized certifications like OSCP, CEH, CREST to validate their up-to-date skills.

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We provide comprehensive reports outlining technical vulnerabilities, reproduction steps, severity levels and custom mitigation advice.

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We don't stop at reporting findings. Our experts provide guidance on implementing fixes and improving defenses.

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We tailor testing to your unique infrastructure, objectives and compliance requirements for maximum relevance.

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Why is penetration testing important?

What is the difference between penetration testing and vulnerability scanning? ?
How long does a penetration test typically take?

The duration of a penetration test varies based on the scope and complexity of the assessment. It can range from a few days to several weeks.

Can we conduct penetration tests in-house?

Yes, organizations can perform in-house penetration tests if they have skilled personnel and resources. However, many opt to engage third-party professionals for impartial assessments.

What should we expect in a penetration testing report?

A penetration testing report should include details of vulnerabilities discovered, their severity, recommendations for remediation, and steps to reproduce the findings.